Forex Buy and Sell Golden Finger Indicator is non repaint technical indicator. As usually, it forecast Blue & Yellow dot for Buy & sell trades. You can use this indicator for any time frame & any currency pair chart. Mostly this indicator suitable for scalping trades. When indicator forecast a signal you can enter for trade & exit with 10-20 profit pips target. Signal dot validates after candle close. This indicator will issue good results in London & New York sessions. But, ignore to enter the trade in high impact Forex market news period. When you enter a trading place stop loss above or below the signal candle.

How to trade with Forex Buy and Sell Golden Finger Indicator .

Sometime, this indicator will forecast false signals. Therefore you must filter valid forex signals from any other confirmations. You can use the support & resistance indicator to get better results. See the above picture. (EUR AUD, 1-hour time frame). When a blue dot appears near the support line you can enter for a buy trade. If the yellow dot appears near the resistance line, then you can enter for a sell trade. If these two signals don’t agree for one direction don’t enter to trade.

See the above picture. (GBP USD, 1-hour time frame) . X super trend candles indicator used with this forex indicator. Super trend candle will forecast a red candle for the downtrend. It will forecast a green candle for the uptrend. When the blue dot appears with a green candle, then you can enter for a buy trade. If a Yellow dot appears with a red candle, then you can enter for a sell trade. Don’t enter to trade when the golden finger indicator will give opposite signals against to super trend candle signal.

See the above picture, Forex Trend is up. Price only touched support lines. So, there are still only buy trades. You can get better results with your analysis & your trading experience. Your emotions will help to be a successful trader. So, keep your emotion carefully, use your brain perfectly. Practice with the demo account until you get self-confident for your strategy.

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