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Forex Daily Buy-Sell Alert

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Forex Daily

Forex daily buy-sell alert system is good to swing trading system. There are three indicators.you can change settings as you wish. Any currency pairs, commodities, stocks are supported for this system. Higher time frames are the best.


Forex Daily

How to trade with Forex daily buy- sell alert system.
The Buy-sell alert indicator will be issue a red dot for the sell signal & blue dot for the buy signal.
AR 2.0fix indicator issue arrows for reversal identification.For buy & sell entry, trend 2.0 fix indicator change red & blue colors itself.


Forex Daily

Forex Buy trade & Sell trade
When you get a Blue dot of buy-sell alert indicator it means possible to price reverse & it may be the uptrend. When you get a Red dot of buy-sell alert indicator it means possible to price reverse & it may be the downtrend. You can confirm that entry points from the trend 2.0 indicator or AR 2.0 indicator. Otherwise, combine any other analyze for further confirmation.


When you entering forex trade place stop loss for higher high or lower low level.
Take profit is your choice.

  1. You can exit your trade with your target profit pips.
    2.otherwise, you can exit with the opposite signal of the buy-sell alert indicator.
  2. If not, use a trailing stop to exit the trade.

Once your trades become more than 50 pips profit, move the stop loss to the entry point.

Free Download Forex Daily System.

Forex Daily

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  1. nath

    December 17, 2019 at 10:53 am

    can you email the indicators please instead of the blue and red line am seeing a black line on the charts


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