Forex Heat map is a good Forex tool for Forex traders. Forex Speedometer in Excel indicates the strength & weaknesses of all Forex currency pairs & Currency index. It has a good analysis of the current Forex market. This excel chart will be import data from your meta trader platform. If we use Forex Speedometer we can get a good entry point with our analysis. It gives us currency Strength of 28 currency pairs and also gives Strength of Currency Index. Before you trade with Speedometer do study well & practice to get good confidence. However carefully you must keep your sense to archive your goal. Anyway, read high-impact Fx market news.

How to Install SPM.

  1. Add Export to Excell Timer.ex4 to Indicator folder.

2. Add SPM.-V4c to the File folder.

3. Load any chart and turn on it to a 1-minute time frame.

4. Insert Export to Excell timer.ex4 to chart.

5. Enable DDE Server.

6.Open Excell.

7.Open Files.

8. Open Speedometer-v4c.

See the above picture. It indicates to us what are the trade position of forex currency pairs. Also, it shows us to strength & weakness of the currency index. Currency strength more important support gives you to confirm your entry point. Once you get entry point, please read your speedometer before entering to trade. If forex currency strength is agreed with your entry point then you can enter a trade. If forex currency strength against, your entry point, please think twice before enter to trade. Otherwise, don’t enter the trade.

Forex Heat map

This page shows us the strength of the forex currency index. It is displayed as a meter. When the meter indicates green color that means the forex currency index has high strength. When the meter indicates the red color that means the currency index is weak. If you want to enter buy, read the speedometer. At that time if it is indicated in green, you can enter a forex trade without a doubt. Also, if you want to enter sell trade, at that time if it is indicated in red, you can enter to sell.

Export to Excell Timer indicator Free Download

Speedometer-V4c Free Download


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