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Forex trading reviews-Supertrend Candle

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X Supertrend Candle Indicator
Forex trading reviews

Forex trading reviews-Supertrend Candle Indicator is a non-repaint tool. With your other analysis, you can create a good trading strategy. Suitable time frames are H1, H4, D1 & you can use this indicator for any currency pairs.use money management and place stop loss. You can change settings in this indicator. On the other hand,this indicator is user-friendly indicator.No difficulties. When change candle color you can enter a trade.If the candle is the Green color you can enter buy trade.If the candle is Red color you can enter sell trade. Combine other analysis to trade with this indicator. Read Forex market news , that is important things to trade Forex.


Forex trading reviews


Trade with Forex trading reviews-Supertrend Candle

For the stop loss, you can use a higher high or lower low. Because stop loss is an important part while Forex trading. Forex market news depends on economical & political decisions. So, for that reason, the market may become to volatility. Price can move up & down faster because of market volatility.

If you don’t use stop loss in your trade can be zero your account balance within one minute. That is an important point. Forex is not gambling. If you are a good Forex trader you must grow your account balance day by day. If not, always happen to pump money your Forex account you are doing Forex like gambling.

Forex trading reviews

That’s why I said, always use stop loss when you enter a forex trade. Take a risk some percentage of your forex account as you can. Don’t get a risk for your whole money. Once your trade hit stops loss, never mind. you can enter trade again with your entry point.


Forex trading reviews

See in this picture GBP USD, H1 time frame. X Super candle forex indicator shows us good entry points & Exit points. When you got an entry point to confirm that with your other analysis. Because don’t enter with the ranging market. So, filter your entry for a good trade.

Green Candle.

Red Candle

X Supertrend Candle Indicator Free Download

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