This Forex Trading Strategy is good for scalping & trend trading. You can trade with any Forex currency pairs, commodities with this forex template. A higher time frame is best for use with this Forex method.

Template Review.

This Trading template is base on price action, Trend lines, support & resistance & Trend strength. You can change the settings of the inputs menu as your wish. Otherwise, you can use default settings. Test & make a good Forex strategy. There are the following indicators.

1.ZUP_V150, Forex perfect zones, SA Black Arrow, K Forex Indicator.

Install this Template.

Open File menu>Open Data folder>MQL4>Indicators>Insert all ex4.files>Open Template Folder>Insert tpl.file>Refresh navigator.Otherwise restart mt4 flatfoam.

How to trade with this Forex Trading Strategy

Enter to Buy Trade with this Template.
1.Bullish pattern,
2.Trend Lines for upper direction,
3.Black Arrow for upper direction,
4.K Forex strength indicator is turned to Blue color,
If those all confirmations appear together, then you can enter for a Buy trade. Otherwise, don’t enter to trade

Enter to Sell Trade with this Template.
1.Bearish pattern,
2.Trend Lines for Lower direction,
3.Black Arrow for Lower direction,
4.K Forex strength indicator is turned to Red color,
If those all confirmations appear together, then you can enter for a Sell trade. Otherwise, don’t enter to trade

When you Trading with this Forex trading Strategy practice in a demo account until you get confident with it. Stop trading before & after one hour from high impact news period.

Exit Trade with the Best Strategy.

You can exit from trade when you get,
1.Opposite signal,
2.Trailing stop,
3.Target profit pips,

Before you enter Trade buildup a good trading plan, including your money management. Money management is most important when you trading forex. Otherwise, your account balance will be zero immediately. The second important thing is Emotional control. Another important thing is, improving your good trading strategy.

Place stop loss level higher high or lower low level. Otherwise, keep stop loss some target pips level. When your trade becomes profit move your stop loss to the entry point. Don’t trade without using stop loss.



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