Free forex indicators with the best strategies
Free forex indicators with the best strategies

Free forex indicators with the best strategies

What indicators do professional forex traders use?

Most traders are wondering what indicators are used by professional traders in their trading? But they don’t really use them at all. Professional traders always trade from a clean chart, as all indicators are based on historical price data and cannot tell you anything about the future. Everything you need for analysis is already on the chart. Of course, you can throw 1-2 indicators (for example, a moving average ) on the chart, but not to search for signals, but to determine the trend and support/resistance zones. As soon as you remove all indicators from the chart, you will see the most important thing – this is the price, in which everything is already included. All traders go from searching for the Grail to forex indicators and eventually come to trading from a clean chart.

Free forex indicators

What is the best forex indicator combination?

Indicators have been in use since the advent of technical analysis. Every year the number of new indicators has grown at an incredible rate. This is facilitated by the fact that modern technologies make it possible to calculate the most complex formulas in a split second, and even the most complex indicators can be seen in real time. However, this also carries with it certain problems – which indicator should be chosen for testing and use in order to create a reliable workable strategy?

A trader can spend a lot of time researching and combining all the available indicators and still not come close to getting a decent result. The key to solving this problem can be understanding how each indicator is calculated and testing how it works in real time. Many indicators look very impressive on historical data, but they show far from ambiguous results when they operate with fluctuating current prices.

There are two types of indicators: time and trend. They must be viewed from a vantage point in order to capture the basic essence of market mechanics. If you look at the recognized masters of the trade, most of them follow the market trend. This approach is one of the most highly probable methods to make a big profit. Timing of market entry and exit is the second and probably no less important element. Accordingly, the combination of timing with the correct determination of the direction of the trend will allow you to form a complete effective strategy.

Timing indicators are commonly referred to as oscillators. They have the maximum (100) and minimum (0) limits. Examples of oscillators are Stochastic, RSI, etc.

Free forex indicators

Professional forex indicators

Before you is a rather complex tool for technical analysis of the forex market, this product has many settings and requires some knowledge of the basics of trading.

The indicator has a wide functionality, which allows you to get the most complete assessment of the market situation.

Its main task is to calculate the dynamic trader’s index, which is a complex indicator consisting of several elements.

The instrument has a complex structure, which is based on several algorithms included in its composition, the work is based on the calculation of moving averages and determination of the RSI index.

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