How to trade currency pairs with trend Matrix is useful for Forex trend trading. Trend matrix Forex Indicator, will forecast the trend of four-time frames in one window .which are 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week. The blue dot represents for buy trend & red dot represent for sell trend. Technical analysis gives us some idea about the price pattern, market trend, future movement. Technical Indicator gives us a forecast after analysis of past market data.

How to trade currency pairs with trend Matrix


Always keep in mind to follow good money management. This will help to minimize your losses & grow your trading account. If you trading without money management you will happen to invest money always to keep your account safe. Before you enter trade read Forex market news. Be careful with high impact news. That is the most important. Because after releasing high impact news can be changed suddenly market direction. At that time will increase market volatility. It depends on the current decision of market news. Don’t enter to trade before 30 minutes of high impact news. Enter to trade after 30 minutes of high impact news.

An important part of Forex trading is to keep your sense safely. Don’t enter a trade with your guess. Build Up your own strategy with your good analysis. Practice on a demo account to get well confident. Follow trends & avoid false signals. However carefully you must keep your sense to archive your goal. Because don’t enter to trade suddenly once indicator appears. Make sure that time signal is the match to trend direction. If the signal is opposite to the trend don’t enter to trade.

Stop Loss
When you enter your trade do place stop loss.
Use higher high or lower low.

Take Profit
Exit your trade when you received the opposite signal or as you wish. Otherwise, you can use the Trailing stop. If not exit from your trade with target profit pips. when your trade becoming profit, move your stop loss below or above the entry point.

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