Profitable Forex system

Forex news. (Fundamental Analysis)

Before you enter trade read Forex market news. Be careful with high impact news. That is the most important. Because after releasing high impact news can be changed suddenly market direction. At that time will increase market volatility. It depends on the current decision of market news. Don’t enter to trade before 30m of high impact news. Enter to trade after 30m of high impact news.

Money Management.

Always keep in mind to follow good money management.
This will help to minimize your losses & grow your trading account.
If you trading without money management you will happen to invest money always to keep your account safe.

How to install Forex simple System.

  • Copy the Indicators (ex4.extentioin). Find ‘File’ at the top of the Meta Trader 4 & then click on it.
  • Open ‘Open Data Folder’.
  • Open the ‘Indicator’ Folder.
  • Paste all ‘Indicators’ to Indicator Folder.
  • Restart MT4 & insert indicator to the price chart.

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How to enter the Buy trade?

When appearing white arrow & a white line, enter the Buy trade.Place stop loss for a lower low level.Exit with opposite signal or target profit pips.

How to enter the Sell trade?

When appearing pink arrow & a pink line, enter the Sell trade.Place stop loss for a higher high level.Exit with the opposite signal or target profit pips.

Free Download Forex Brooky Shade indicator.