Royal Q Crypto Trading-Part 2

We first talked about Spot Trading. If you want to make a profit from a trade that you understand then, we need to get the right pair of cryptocurrencies through technical analysis and do the same things for the trade, such as Entry, Exit Strategies. Also, the most important thing is that it is difficult to trade and make a profit whenever we want.

 It is a mistake to start a trade in the cryptocurrency market until it is time to place a trade. You may have to miss an opportunity to exit one.

Here we can introduce the Royal Q Intelligent Platform or the Royal Q Intelligent Robot as a solution designed to automate this whole process.

Is the Royal Q Robot Legal?

We know that some websites use bots for various purposes. For example, one can add user data on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and use a bot. Your account may be suspended if you are caught.

But using Trading Bots in Binance is completely legal. For those who want the same, this kind of Trading Bot program will be available for the use of APIs and Binance users who want to keep their Binance Account linked at the same price. Binance also provides security features that you need to connect to these programs securely.

Royal Q Intelligent Robot uses this Binance API to automate our Trading Process. It will ensure that the Royal Q Intelligent Robot is completely legal.

What Are The Requirements To Use The Royal Q Robot?

1. Royal Q Account (Use this link to create)

2. An Android or IOS device to use the Royal Q app.

3. An account in a Binance or Huobi Exchange. (If using Binance, the profile should be verified at least up to Intermediate Verification)

4. Minimum 241 USDT Capital

In addition, it is important to know about the Crypto Market and Trading. Still, as mentioned above, even those who do not have such knowledge can make a profit using features such as Copy Trade provided by Royal Q Intelligent Robot. However, we will talk about why copy trading is not allowed later in this article. At the same time, understanding Trading and Technical Analysis will help you make more profit and minimize losses.

The Security Of Our Money When Using The Royal Q Robot

As I mentioned in the previous article, Royal Q Robot uses the Binance API to trade. Therefore, the capital used for our trading, or the amount used to trade, should be kept inside the Binance Account as USDT.

As we talked about earlier, Binance is one of the most secure crypto exchanges in the world. So we can have a lot of confidence in the security of our capital. In addition, we provide API access to the Royal Q Intelligent Robot Platform in our Binance Account, but only to Spot Trading. 

Simply put, we only allow Bot to trade using the cryptocurrencies in our Binance Spot Wallet. Then you may be wondering if Bot can’t get our cryptocurrencies or how we will pay Bot’s fee. We will see about that in the next topic.

The next thing is, even if it fails, the Royal Q Platform will be hacked.

Can our API keys be leaked? Not only Royal Q but any of these web-based systems can be hacked. Royal Q is a platform that is very secure and maintainable. Even if your API keys are leaked, Binance has provided a solution for that.

That allows us to give Binance an IP list that can be traded using the API Keys. We will talk about these configurations in detail later in this article. As per this IP address list, even if our API Keys are leaked to someone else by mentioning the IP Addresses in their Servers List that we provide from the Royal Q Platform, they will not take advantage of it. Some may argue that it is possible to hack into the Royal Q Server mentioned above and do something wrong with it in addition to our API keys. The probability is very low. Also, since there is no possibility to withdraw, the risk is further reduced.

Fees Payable For Using The Royal Q Robot

You can also buy Bot Platforms for $ 100 to $ 1000 per month. However, the Royal Q Platform can be identified as one of the platforms that provide the profit obtained from those platforms and the risk associated with it.

There are two main reasons for this,

  • The first reason is to charge a relatively low fee.
  • The next step is to use the Artificial Intelligence Based Advanced Algorithms that you have used to make more accurate decisions than other Bots. Thus reducing the risk analysis to hacking into the Royal Q Server mentioned above and doing something wrong with it. The probability is very low. Also, since there is no possibility to withdraw, the risk is further reduced.

There are two mandatory fees charged for the Royal Q Platform.

1. Annual Fee – You have to pay 120USDT annually for the Bot.

2. Fuel Fee – Royal Q Platform will be required to pay 20% of the Fuel Fee for every trade completed successfully and earns a profit.

3. Strategy Fee (Optional) – I mentioned earlier that you could use the Copy Trade option if you want. We will talk more about this at the bottom of the article. If you use this option, you will have to pay 1% or 2% of every successful trade to the Circle Owner who uses Copy Trade.

Keep in mind that we only need to transfer the USDT from the Binance to our wallet in the Royal Q App to pay the fees mentioned. Why, as I said before, Bot cannot withdraw our USDT in Binance.

Therefore, when we first activate the Bot, we need to transfer a 141USDT device from the Binance wallet to the Royal Q Wallet. We will talk about this in detail later in this article.

Of the 141 USDTs transferred in that manner, 1USDT will be deducted as the Binance Transfer fee. 140 USDT is coming to our Royal Q Wallet. Upon arrival, we will activate the Royal Q Bot by paying 120 USDT from there.

Then we have 20USDT left in our Royal Q Wallet. These are the amounts that will be used to deduct 20% of the Fuel Fee and Optional Strategy Fee related to the Bot after making a Successful Trade.

So the profit on your trades is added to the Binance, so when you trade for a few days, this 20USDT will end. And also, you will receive a notification when it drops below 10USDT.

Similarly, when it drops to 2USDT, the Bot stops working. Then you can transfer the desired USDT back from the Binance or another friend’s Royal Q Wallet.

How To Make Money Using Royal Q Robot

There are two ways to make money using the Royal Q Platform.

1. The primary purpose of the Royal Q Platform is to generate revenue as a trading bot. We discussed it from the beginning of our article until now. Using this Bot, you can earn a net profit of around 2% per day (after deducting Bot Fees). In addition, if you have a good Technical Analysis capability, you can claim a bigger profit.

2. The Network Marketing Strategy is used for the marketing of the Royal Q Platform. As soon as you see this, you may think that this is another Pyramid Schema Scam. We will discuss in the next part why it is not there. Even if you use Network Marketing, you can still earn extra money.

Is Royal Q Robot another Pyramid Scheme scam?

True Network Marketing and the Pyramid Scams we often talk about are based on one factor. In a pyramid scam, you must connect with other people under you if you want to earn an income after joining that network.

One day, as soon as the group stops joining, the entire network will stop generating revenue. This work is just a scam. Your main source of income on the Royal Q Platform is the money you make from Crypto Trading. If you do not wish to join the Network Marketing section, you can earn a related benefit only for Crypto Trading. If you want to earn extra income, Network Marketing gives you that opportunity.

The difference is that the 20% fee you must obtain from a Successful Trade is divided into two parts.

That 30% is divided into developer fees and 70% into network fees. This 70% is distributed among the top members of the network.

Therefore, if the network stops connecting to this network like in a Pyramid Scheme scam, the network will not break down.

If you intend to do Network Marketing in this way, you will make a profit as follows. Once you become a Royal Q Platform leader, pay the relevant amount, and activate Trading Bot, you will become a V1 level member.

  • V1 – V1 level members, if someone registers directly with their referral link and becomes V1, they will receive 30USDT of the 100USDT payment that the person pays. You will also receive a 20% share of the 20% fee, or 4% of the total profit, for each trade he successfully registers directly from his referral link.
  • V2 – You will become V2 when you have 20 members in total, including three other V1 members directly under you and your members. Another person will register directly with your referral link and receive 40 USD of the amount of 100USDT that he will pay when he becomes V1. You also get 30% of the 20% fee, or 6% of the total profit, for every successful trade by the people in your team.
  • V3 – You become V3 when you have eight full Direct Referrals, including three more V2 members directly under you and a total of 100 Team Members, including your members. There, another person will register directly from your referral link, and when he becomes V1, you will get 50USDT of the 100USDT payment that the person pays. You also get 40% of the 20% fee, or 8% of the total profit, for every successful trade by the people in your team. After all, the Royal Q Platform does not have the features a must-have for any Affiliate promoting any program. So it is very clear that this is not just another pyramid scam.

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