Royal Q Crypto Trading-Part 1

Royal Q Crypto Trading-Part 2

Registration With Royal Q Robot

You must first register on the Royal Q Platform. Use this link for that.

Join Here

(Note – This is a referral link, and this will not add any additional fees to you.)

The next step is to install the Royal Q App on your Android or IOS smartphone. For this, you first need to get the membership of the Royal Q Platform from this link.

Transfer USDT to Royal Q Wallet

After successfully registering, you will see a screen like the one above. When you first open the Mine tab in the lower right corner, you can see something like this.

In the Assets section shown in the image, your Royal Q wallet balance is shown as 0. We will transfer the required amount of 141 USDT from Binance to the Royal Q Wallet. To do so, touch the Assets Menu item shown in the image above.

Then touch the Deposit button on the screen that appears.

The screen you will receive will show the address of your Royal Q Wallet. Remember, you will receive a unique wallet. Therefore, USDT sent to this address, and the Crypto Network as Chain Name will come to your wallet without any problem. Now let’s see how to make a crypto transfer to an address.

Let’s transfer USDT from Binance to Royal Q Wallet.

First, add at least 241 USDT to your Binance Account for p2p or any other method. Here also 141 USDT is used to send to the RoyalQ Wallet. And the remaining 100 USDT is used as the capital required to trade. The higher the capital, the higher the profit you can make.

Now log in to your Binance Account and click on the Withdraw button in the Spot Wallet.

Select USDT as its Coin and enter the address copied from Royal Q Wallet in the previous step.

As a network, select TRX (TRC20) mentioned in the Royal Q Wallet in the previous step.

Enter 141 USDT as the amount. There is a Binance fee of 1USDT, and your Royal Q Wallet will receive 140 USDT. After confirming the information, click the Withdraw button.

After opening the Mine Tab in the Royal Q App, it should show 140 USDT in the Asset section. The moment you transfer from Binance will take some time to display USDT in the Royal Q Wallet.

When the appropriate USDT amount is displayed, the next step is to activate the Robot. To do so, touch the Activate Button on the Royal Q App, as shown in the image above. A confirmation box will appear, followed by a Confirmed Dialog Box.

Leave the Default Options as shown in the image above and touch the Activate Button. Now the RoyalQ Robot will be activated by deducting 120 USDT from your Royal Q Wallet.

Next, touch the Toggle Switch Professional Edition in the Mine Tab as shown in the image below and enable Professional Edition.

Then when the Confirmation Box opens, as shown below, confirm it.

Next, you will be asked to answer some questions, as shown in the image below. Here you don’t need to know the correct answer. The correct answer will be shown when you read the question and choose the answers you think. Thus mark all the correct answers and touch the submit button.

You have now successfully activated the Royal Q Bot. The previous Activate button on the Mine Tab has been changed to Renew, and to the left is your Annual Subscription expiration date.

The next step is to see how the Binance API integrates with the Royal Q App.

Linking Binance API and Royal Q App

The connection between the Binance Exchange and the Royal Q platform is technically through a REST API, but you do not need to know the technical side as a trader using the Royal Q Platform. I will explain how to do it.

First, go to the Mine Tab of the Royal Q app, and there is a section called API binding, as shown in the image below.

When you touch the API Binding option, a screen like the one below will open.

Here are two options for Binance and Huobi Exchanges. From there, touch on the Binance option. Then you will see a screen as shown below.

Now open the Binance App or Binance Web and log in to your account. Let’s first look at the steps for someone who is in the app.

Binance APP Guide

First, open the Binance App and go to the Home Page. Touch the More option on the Home Page, as shown in the image below.

At the bottom of the next screen, there is an option called API Management and touch it. Now you can see a screen like the one below.

Once you get here, the steps beyond this are the same in the Binance App and the Binance Web. So let’s see how to get here on the Binance Web.

Binance Web Guide

First, hover the mouse cursor over the Profile Icon in the upper right corner of the Binance Web.

Then in the drop-down menu, there is an option called API Management. Click on it.

The Next Step From Both The Binance App And The Web

The steps from here are the same as if you used the Binance App and used the Binance Web.

Now you can see that there is an API Key Label to enter. Here you can put a wish. Once we have created more than one API key, we will not determine what was used for the Royal Q and what was used for another application. That is why we can give it a name of our choice like this.

Now you are asked for Email and Mobile Phone Verification. Complete both.

Then you can see a screen like the picture below. From there, click on the Edit RESTRICTIONS button as shown in the image.

As you can see below, some of the checkboxes in the API REstrictions section are enabled. From the Enable Spot & Margin box, check the Trading box.

Then you can see the bottom part called IP REstrictions in the picture above. First, select the Unrestricted option and select the Restrict access to trusted IPs only (Recommended) option.

Then the text area below will be editable. Now I mentioned earlier in this article that we are creating configurations to access only the IP Addresses of the Royal Q Platform. This is what we are going to do.

To do so, go to the Binance binding page of the Royal Q App that we opened earlier. Then click on the Copy button as shown in the image below.

Now come back to Binance and paste the address list you just copied to the Text area, which was editable in the previous step. Then click the Confirm button in the right corner of the input box. And finally, click the Save button in the top left corner.

As you can see in the image above, the Options and IP List you entered are saved. Next, you need to copy and paste the API Key and the Secret Key to the Royal Q App, as shown in the image below.

You can unlock Binance Web by clicking on the icon shown in the QR Code of the Royal Q app below and scanning the QR Code on the screen shown in the image above in the Binance Web. Then the API Key and Secret Key will be filled automatically.

Finally, click the Send Button in the Verification Code section shown at the bottom of the image above in the Royal Q App. Enter the Verification Code received at the email address registered for your Royal Q, and select the I have read the agreement radio button. Finally, click on the Bind button.

If it binds successfully, you can see that the Binance Section is orange, as shown in the image below.

Your Binance Account is now successfully linked to the Royal Q Platform.

In the next part, we will see how to Automate the Trading Process using Royal Q Robot.

Using the Royal Q Robot correctly and automating the trading process

Remember I said earlier in this article that we can trade using this platform in two ways.

The first way is to Copytrade itself.

However, I would like to say that this method is most suitable for technical analysis and finds it challenging to think about the best cryptocurrency to do.

What happens here is that the Royal Q App has a set of Expert Traders. They have a separate group called Circle inside the app. This is like an FB Group. Get an idea. People like us can sync a circle of a trader like that.

Once that is done, the trader will do technical analysis and select the good cryptocurrencies.

However, this method is not very good. The reason for this is that a large number of traders’ circles have been synced like this.

However, I will also describe this method.


First, go to the Circle tab of the Royal Q App.

As you can see in the picture above, we can now sync the Circle list in the Royal Q App. When we go inside this Circle, a button called Apply to Join is shown in the picture below. Click on it.

After joining in that way, the Cumulative Profit Rat of the relevant Circle owner is shown in the picture below.

As you can see, almost every Circle above has a Cumulative Profit Rate of over 1000%.

Touch the top of this profit rate section, and you will see the list of cryptocurrencies traded by the relevant trader. At the bottom, there is a button called Sync Strategy and touch this button.

Finally, you can see a screen like this. The two options we need to consider here are the First Buy-in amount and the Number of Strategies options.

The First Buy-in amount is the amount of USDT spent on the crypto at the beginning of the trading process.

The number of Strategies is how many cryptocurrencies we trade at once.

And at the same time, be careful, according to the value of Profit Sharing, one of your profits will be paid as a Percentage to the circle owner.

Since we are trading copy from someone else here, the appropriate values ​​for the two options mentioned above will vary according to the strategy of each trader. So go to the Essence section of the relevant Circle, as shown in the image below.

Among the posts posted here is a Capital Allocation Table like in almost every Circle.

Using this table, you need to find the values ​​for the First Buy-in amount and the Number of Strategies that are right for you. Here we will consider the size of the capital that you have to trade in Binance.

In the present example, this trader has suggested that you start with a minimum of 350 USDT Capital. But keep in mind, if you do, there will be a problem with a large Floating Loss at some point.

Because in case of a large floating loss, the margin calls are executed to a certain extent to reduce the loss. Therefore, in a large floating loss, the profit may or may not be very low until the market returns to normal.

Please note that we can not suggest any circle to you as this method may have the abovementioned problems.

This is how Copytrade works. Next, we will talk about how to place a Manual Trade.

Manual Trading

In this case, we do not join any circle. We do technical analysis and select a cryptocurrency, using the Royal Q Robot to trade. Open the Quantitative Tab as shown in the image below.

Here is a list of pairs that you can trade through the Royal Q Quantitative Trading Strategy.

Touch a pair of your choice here.

The next step is to touch the Trade Setting Button in the lower-left corner, as shown in the image above.

We use another trader’s strategy in the defrauded copy trade method, but we can create trade settings for our strategy and automate the trading process.

As you can see in the picture above, a button called Get a suggested Strategy is below. When you click this button, the default settings suggested by the Royal Q Platform will be filled automatically. If you are new to the Royal Q Platform and Crypto Trading, we suggest getting started with these Default Trade Settings.

When doing manual trading like this, it is imperative to make the correct trade settings.