Trading on line super arrow template helps to identify price reversal points. There are two indicators. You can use this template for any time frames & any currency pairs, stocks, commodities.

How to install Trading on line super arrow template.

Open meta trader platform>open data folder>open MQL4>open indicator folder>insert all ex4.files>open template folder>insert tpl.file>restart meta trader platform.

How to trade from the super arrow template.

When Forex trading Supply &Demand indicator help to identify price reversal. When you get a purple arrow for a lower direction near the resistance line, at that time you can enter for a sell trade. Once the price reached the support line & at that time you get a purple arrow for the upper direction then you can enter for a buy trade. When trading from this template use a currency strength identify indicator. It will help to go more powerful trade.

Exit from your trade when you get one of the opposite signals. But don’t enter to trade with only one confirmation. When trading Place stop loss for a higher high or lower low. Don’t enter to trade within the high impact forex market news time. Ignore the trades within high volatility price movement.


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